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Mobile Strike Basic Guide

What to do when you have just started playing Mobile Strike game?

Create a new account

The first thing you should do in Mobile Strike is to create an EW account. You can do it by clicking on “Next” in the upper right corner of your screen and select EW account. Enter your e-mail address and password for creating an account. The Mobile Strike will reward you with 500 Coins.

Changing Mobile Strike account nickname

mobile strike gameClick on the button in the left down area on your screen. After a particular category, you can see a section where you can change your username. You should use it right now and change your username to whatever you want. When you first start the game, it generates your nickname as a base123456789, which is not a convinient for you. And it is not easy to distinguish players by its name. You can be an anonymous player with that nickname.

How to ally in Mobile Strike

After you have changed your name, you should enter into an alliance which will help you with playing and progressing with the game. Click on the lower button which will call a window and it will display all alliances available in the game.

You can join any alliance you wish, but it needs to be opened for public, there are also locked alliances which you can’t join. You can move to other alliance later if you don’t like it. Connecting to the alliance will help you in progressing to higher levels and with building new military bases. After you connect to alliance, the game will allow you to participate in alliance missions, and it will help you with getting more Coins. The alliance is the primary thing in this game, without it, you will be a good target for other arrogant players.

What first things you should build?

It is probably that the tutorial will force you to modernize a few buildings, but it will end soon. After it gives you freedom, you should build 10 farms with Level 1. This should be fast because you can make these for FREE. After you complete first two missions, it will give you amounts of food and power.


The HQ is going to determine your whole level of your base. All buildings can be upgraded easily. After you get a level 6 of HQ, you will lose your ability to teleport. The teleport can move you freely around the map even to another country.

How to get more coins?

You can use the Mobile Strike Hack to get more coins and gems, and it can boost your account.